Sunday, September 01, 2013

Almost three years have past

A big part of my simracing life has come to an end. GRC is closing it's server. I don't have time to be Race Control/Race Administator and haven't been able to for months. My new work takes a lot of time and I can't commit to be the driving force behind a race series any longer.

I joined GRC in 2004 and had a blast with many good memories and great friends. Now it's time to move on to other stuff. Since my start I race more than a 80 races with more than 2700 laps.

But the itch is still there so I've decided to join the SimHQ Motorsports  2013 SCES rF2 Series
an endurance series with driver change using rFactor 2 as platform.

This is an article from the last race in the series, I hope I can join for the next race.

2013 SCES Event 2 twelve-hours of Sebring

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Gareth Hughes said...

Hey !!! hey !! Glad to see your still racing me old mucker :) ive just registered at simhq but my registration has not been verified yet ?? hope to talk soon maybe, im looking at racing again might see you on track some time / regards Gareth hughes aka VB.