Friday, March 26, 2010

Second Race for the season

Tomorrow night we race the second race of the GRCE season.
We will be going to the narrow, damage inducing track @ Long Beach.

We have the following drivers lined up:


  1. Paul Joseph, Dark Horse Racing, Epsilon Euskadi EE1
  2. Emanuel Gaczella, Team KR3W, Epsilon Euskadi EE1
  3. Rando Muru, Backmarker Brigade, Creation CA06/H
  1. Gary Gray, Backmarker Brigade Tryard, Courage c65 - Ford
  2. Jukka Kirveskari, Courage c65 -Mazda
  3. Hans Birgander, Porsche RS Spyder
  4. Rik Briant, TEAM BACKWARDS RACING, Courage c65 - AER
  5. Nico De Bruyne, Dark Horse Racing, Courage c65 - Ford
  6. Mike Ward, English Racing Knights, Porsche RS Spyder
  7. Allan R Dean, Courage c65 - Judd
  1. Stacey Greensall, Team KR3W, Aston Martin DBR9
  2. Martin Jones, Mountain Dew Racing, Corvette C6.R
  3. Joonas Puhakka, Red Speed Grand Prix, Corvette C6.R
  4. Hans Brauer, GRCE Ichi, Aston Martin DBR9
  5. Steve Parsons, Aston Martin DBR9
  1. Priit Valja, Porsche 997 RSR
  2. Kyle Williams, Torrent Motorsports, Porsche 997 RSR
  3. Freddy Fuller, Porsche 996 RSR
  4. Steven Martin, Porsche 997 RSR
Long Beach is one of the least forgiving tracks in this season. If you loose your car you will be forced to go into the pits for repair. There are only two places on the whole track where you can go off and still have a car to race with. Expect several drivers to have an extra stop to make.
My strategy for the race is to keep out of trouble.

This is the only race of the season that will have no time acceleration at all, 1 hour and 40 minutes just like the real one in April.

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