Friday, February 19, 2010

Comments from the Sebring race.

"Worked it out last night. My shoulder is still hurting so I figured I'd work out how many gear changes I made.

Taking an average lap (and I did spin on a few of them) I changed gear 2280 times.

No wonder I hurt! :-D"

"I had fun despite all the spins and one extra pitstop to repair damage. At last I´m in a right place in just about the right time, I have searched for a proper endurance league, and GRCE feels like a dream come true. This mod is just spot on above everything else... 8)"

"I quit my previous league due to being tired of the driving standards getting worse and going unmentioned, so it was great to drive 2+ hours with some of the best driving I've seen online.

The fast guys weren't impatient, the slower guys didn't make things difficult.

Too bad it's a month until the next race!"

"At least there is plenty of time to recover from Sebring and to get to know Long Beach...Must think of something to fill my racing needs during this "layoff" though. You are absolutely right on the racing etiquette, very nice, clean racing. Enjoyed that very much, thanks!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

First race of the season starts tonight

This evening marks the start of the 2010 grc mad dog endurance league.

It's a small field of 14 cars in four different categories.

In the LMP1 class we have Paul Joseph racing for Dark Horse Racing, Marco Vandenbroeck for VDB Motorsports and Emanuel Gaczella in Team KR3W, all in the epsilon Euskadi EE 1.

The LMP 2 class has the most drivers tonight.

Mike Ward for English Racing Knights in a Porsche RS Spider,
Gary Gray for Back Marker Brigade Tryard in a Courage C65-Ford
Nico De Bruyne for Dark Horse Racing in a Courage C65 - Ford
Jermaine Venhorst for BackMarker Brigade in a Courage C65 - Mazda
Jukka Kirveskari in a Courage C65 - MAzda

In GT1 you'll find four entries all running the Aston Martin DBR9.

Hans Brauer for GRCE Ichi
Stacey Greensall for Team KR3W
Daniel Beck for
and finally Steve Parsons.

GT2 has two drivers signed up for this evenings event.

Freddy Fuller in a Porsche 996 RSR and Steve Martin in a Porsche 997 RSR.

Will report back later with a small race report and perhaps some screen shots.