Thursday, November 23, 2006

Only 2 days left to the race...

A lot of thing has happened since last time.
  1. Lost one driver
  2. Lost another driver
  3. Got the new 2006 track completed, and yes now we are running
    on the same track as Le Mans 2006.
  4. Broadcasting prepared (Details below)
  5. Driving consistently 3.40, even on this new track.
  6. Got a new driver, yes we can use two cars this year to, but only with
    three drivers in each one.
To bad Cali @ Geekbrief couldn't find the time to report from the race.
Perhaps she can find the time after the race. Anyway, I´ll be co-hosting the
live broadcast when I'm not driving together with two other gentlemen.
If anyone want to listen in you can find us on Skypecast. Search for wosec and
you will find us. Skypecast is in beta so this is just a trial run. To use Skypecast
just install Skype and look for the link in the client or use this link:


This race is also the last race on the aging GTP platform. Next year we will migrate
to rFactor with it's ability for real time day and night transitions. And perhaps even
more cars.

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