Friday, November 03, 2006

New Track

Hi again,
I´ve got some great news, some crafty people on the WOSEC bbs has changed
the layout of the 2004 LeMans track to the current 2006 edition. So this time
we really are racing on the same track as the real cars! To bad i´m not up to speed yet.
Only 3.47 so far. But that will improve after I´ve learned the new track.
33 Cars signed up so far. Only 4 spots on the grid left. We are going to have 1-2 broadcast cars on the grid for recording purposes, and if Cali can make it happened we might have some
footage from the race on her show. We´ll see. Nothing confirmed yet. And by the way,
Cali DOES answer her e-mail. It might take some time but she does take the time to answer.

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