Sunday, November 26, 2006

Race over. Broadcast over. Last GTP race in the books.

Hi all!

Didn't have the energy to post after my second stint.

When I was going in for the second stint I found out that the first and second gear had gone and we where down to 3 gear. No problem really and I was soon on the track making progress. I was doing a 3 fuel run and was tired afterwords. Got the car into top ten and kept it safe and sound.

After that I did get something to eat and when I returned we where down to 2 gears. 4:th and 5:th. My team mate did a short stint and I adjusted the gearing in my setup. Back out on the track for a single fuelstint. Kept the 10:th place and was doing 3.46-47. Back into the pits for a driver change. My team mate got into the car and drove off.

After about 25 minutes the disaster hit, he was trying to get out of the way after a puncture and
did a long U-turn and was DSQ for driving in the wrong direction. So the final result for us this time:

10th place, 3 places better than last time out. And we were the best jaguar in the field.

Congratulations to Vader Trophy for first and Sim Racing for Holland for second and third place in the race. Awesome guys.

Good bye GTP, I will miss you, sort of, but not your unforgiving physics and car behavior.
Onwards toward rFactor.

8 Hours into the race...

This is my in-the-race-after-my-first-stint race report.
We are in 17 :th place and running fine. There is 20 cars out of 33 still in the race.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Only 2 days left to the race...

A lot of thing has happened since last time.
  1. Lost one driver
  2. Lost another driver
  3. Got the new 2006 track completed, and yes now we are running
    on the same track as Le Mans 2006.
  4. Broadcasting prepared (Details below)
  5. Driving consistently 3.40, even on this new track.
  6. Got a new driver, yes we can use two cars this year to, but only with
    three drivers in each one.
To bad Cali @ Geekbrief couldn't find the time to report from the race.
Perhaps she can find the time after the race. Anyway, I´ll be co-hosting the
live broadcast when I'm not driving together with two other gentlemen.
If anyone want to listen in you can find us on Skypecast. Search for wosec and
you will find us. Skypecast is in beta so this is just a trial run. To use Skypecast
just install Skype and look for the link in the client or use this link:


This race is also the last race on the aging GTP platform. Next year we will migrate
to rFactor with it's ability for real time day and night transitions. And perhaps even
more cars.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Track

Hi again,
I´ve got some great news, some crafty people on the WOSEC bbs has changed
the layout of the 2004 LeMans track to the current 2006 edition. So this time
we really are racing on the same track as the real cars! To bad i´m not up to speed yet.
Only 3.47 so far. But that will improve after I´ve learned the new track.
33 Cars signed up so far. Only 4 spots on the grid left. We are going to have 1-2 broadcast cars on the grid for recording purposes, and if Cali can make it happened we might have some
footage from the race on her show. We´ll see. Nothing confirmed yet. And by the way,
Cali DOES answer her e-mail. It might take some time but she does take the time to answer.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

More testing and some news

Hi again,

More practise this week and avg 3.40-ish.
I´ve been communicating with Cali at Geekbreif and are hoping she will
decide to make a show / broadcast parts of this years race.

This is hopefully the last year we will be running GTP. Things are a foot to make the
crossing into rFactor land. Depending on when the ALMS/LMES mod will be out.

Monday, October 09, 2006

First practise for LeMans 2006

Hi again!

Now it´s time again for the WOSEC LeMans race.
Done my first practise and got down to 3.41.5, not to bad.

This year I have three goals:

  1. Get the car to the end of the race.
  2. Get Cali Lewis to cover the race
  3. Get my own Pod show up and going, covering sim sports and WOSEC.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Race report WOSEC LeMans 2005

Due to formatting issues will the report be here instead as a PDF.

LeMans Racereport 2005

Sorry about that.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006