Friday, December 02, 2005

Fun while it lasted...

Hi again it´s me.
Haven´t had the time to post because of RL issues.
What has happened you ask? Well to make a long story short we lasted for 16 hours and was in 8:th place as best. At 8:15 CET 27/11 my NR2003 program took a nosedive and I discoed. Result, a big crash into the tire barrier at the end of mulsanne at 200+ Mph.
And a car that got into the pit as a wreck. Neil C did a heroic effort to save the car by going out with the smoking remnants of a racecar and did a slow agonizing lap back into pit for repair but the crew just took one look at it and stated "That car won´t race no more today". How many cars lasted? 11 out of 34 entrants. We placed 13:th at the end.

This has been a fun adventure and I will get back to Le'Mans next year!
The WOSEC 24H Le'Mans race is one hardest races one can attend. And as one of the drivers stated: The only thing that is different with this and the real Le'Mans is
$1000000 and your life at stake. Same commitment and same team effort. I also want
to congratulate the two SFH (Simracing from Holland) cars that took first & second place, awesome work guys!!!

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