Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tonites tests

Well, this was the first short test at the server. Avg 3,48 not too bad. I´m better at staying on the black stuff. :-)

Only drove 8 laps. I´m still learning this difficult track, way to slow into both Dunlop Curves and Michelin Chicane. Must try too keep the speed thru the turns and accelerate sooner w/o spinning out. Got the top speed ok 208-209 Mph (334-336 Km/h) on Mulsanne. The climb into Porsche is fast 195 Mph(313 Km/h) and trying to stay above 135 Mph(217 Km/h) until I can accelerate out of Karting. Up to 183 Mph(295 Km/h) until braking for Ford Chicanes. Still haven´t figured out how fast I can go there? 85-90 Mph (136-145 Km/h)? Anyway, I got plenty of time after the exam on Monday 31th for practise.

Later this Sunday it´s time for some Race Start Practises, hope they are better this time. Last time was a total mess, got rearended by the same car TWICE. Hope people can understand that this is not a 6 hour short race but a loooong 24 Hour race. So there is no point in racing for the flag at the first turns.

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