Monday, October 31, 2005

Sunday Start practise?

Didn´t happen :(
Only 10 or so drivers showed up and I got a wee pit pissed off and insulted one driver totally out character. My bad. Tried my "new" Qual setup and realised that I´m faster in the race setup.
Drove a couple of laps and was makin the same time as usual around 3.42.
Talked to one of my co-drivers for the first time on ventrilo tonite, Neil. Very nice chap!
A bit faster than me too, down to 3.32 if I remember correctly. What else?
Yeah, been studying like mad for the exams tomorrow, shouldn´t have driven but couldn´t resist LOL. I´m going to be on the server every night from now on to hone my l33t skillz. (Big fat joke)
I´ll be lucky to get the car back into the pits for the next driver in one piece.

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