Friday, October 28, 2005

Ok, first attempt at blogging :-)

Ok, this is my first attemp to Blog parts of my life. This particular part has taken over my life recently, annoying wife and kids :-).
Whats the part? Racing for 24 hours on LeMans. I know many of you will think I lost my marbles (Is this guy for real?), but stay with me for a while. Ok, here´s the deal:

150+ People, 40 Cars and 27 Teams make up the Virtual Le´Mans 24H Race.

Driving what? GTP-mod cortesy of Redline. Think about it for a while, 150 mad simracers racing on a classic circuit for 24 hours, sweet! I´m going to report most of what will happend up to the race and then maybe report stuff during the race if I´m not to tired.

Atm, my time around Sarthe isn´t that great, only 3 mins 40,5 secs. Have to keep practising to get down to 3.35 at least.

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