Friday, December 02, 2005

Fun while it lasted...

Hi again it´s me.
Haven´t had the time to post because of RL issues.
What has happened you ask? Well to make a long story short we lasted for 16 hours and was in 8:th place as best. At 8:15 CET 27/11 my NR2003 program took a nosedive and I discoed. Result, a big crash into the tire barrier at the end of mulsanne at 200+ Mph.
And a car that got into the pit as a wreck. Neil C did a heroic effort to save the car by going out with the smoking remnants of a racecar and did a slow agonizing lap back into pit for repair but the crew just took one look at it and stated "That car won´t race no more today". How many cars lasted? 11 out of 34 entrants. We placed 13:th at the end.

This has been a fun adventure and I will get back to Le'Mans next year!
The WOSEC 24H Le'Mans race is one hardest races one can attend. And as one of the drivers stated: The only thing that is different with this and the real Le'Mans is
$1000000 and your life at stake. Same commitment and same team effort. I also want
to congratulate the two SFH (Simracing from Holland) cars that took first & second place, awesome work guys!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

First stint ever in a GTP car is over

First stint over and we are 5 hours into the race.
We have lost 1:st gear but we are in 17:th place.
I´m going to bed.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Practise and some news.

Back from the track again, same laptimes and no problems running.
The bad new is that we are down to 7 drivers so we can´t use 3 cars.
We´ll be using the #2 and #4 car for the race. We are 5 drivers in car #2
and I got the honour of driving 3 stints unless something happens during the race.

Preliminary times, all in CET:

18:00 - 20:00
06:00 - 08:00
12:00 - 14:00

Shotgun/replacement driver:
16:00 - 18:00
04:00 - 06:00
10:00 - 12:00

That´s all folks for now, I´m off to bed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Practise, practise, practise....

Yes, it´s me again.
Had a good session last night. One hour and 20 minutes of ok driving.
Avg lap 3.40-ish.

4 days to go!

It´s goin to be interesting too see if the Saubers really have that probplem with their engine lifespan. They are about 5-7 secs faster.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Good news and not so good news

I´m back. After 2 weeks of XP and Server 2003. And the not so good news is that we still haven´t
got any new drivers. The good news is that I can run with 60 tape and 3.37 or better and keep that elusive 3.40 racepace :-). Starting to get a bit exited, only 10 days left...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Missing drivers...


Well practice goes on and I´m not improving really. Going for a fueltest with 80 tape on the car Tuesday morning. Just got the word from my teamboss that we are still lacking drivers. We desperately need two more drivers. So I´m using all my connections to get hold of someone that can drive. But this cool picture just arrived in my mailbox. One of our team cars #6, the one I drive in.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Short practise report

Qual setup 3.39 despite the fact that I´m tired. 3.40 avg.
Race setup, not geared properly yet, 2:nd and 3:rd is not tall enough.

Objective: Get down to racepace below 3.40.

And I´m getting there slowly. :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tonights practise

Ho ho ho! I am so pleased tonight, did 9 laps with a new setup and behold!
3.37.9 and a new PB. And I feel that I have more to give in this car. The interesting part is that I should be able to keep a 3,40 race tempo with small modifications on the setup (grille tape, gearing).

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Firewall trouble...

Yesterday was full of troubles. :( I did manage to get a new PB on Lemans, but a couple of hours later my firewall gave upp on me. Or should I say its harddrive. And I had no new harddrives that the really old computer could use. I was using an old P166 as my Smoothwall, three years of perfect service and now it´s gone. After several hours I had assembled a "new" one. So no driving for me. I wasn´t finished until after 0300 in the night. Hopefully I can drive some more laps tonite
and get that elusive 3.35 I´m after.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Short test

Did a new short test with the Qual setup. Down to 3.39 and lots more to get.

Sunday Start practise?

Didn´t happen :(
Only 10 or so drivers showed up and I got a wee pit pissed off and insulted one driver totally out character. My bad. Tried my "new" Qual setup and realised that I´m faster in the race setup.
Drove a couple of laps and was makin the same time as usual around 3.42.
Talked to one of my co-drivers for the first time on ventrilo tonite, Neil. Very nice chap!
A bit faster than me too, down to 3.32 if I remember correctly. What else?
Yeah, been studying like mad for the exams tomorrow, shouldn´t have driven but couldn´t resist LOL. I´m going to be on the server every night from now on to hone my l33t skillz. (Big fat joke)
I´ll be lucky to get the car back into the pits for the next driver in one piece.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tonites tests

Well, this was the first short test at the server. Avg 3,48 not too bad. I´m better at staying on the black stuff. :-)

Only drove 8 laps. I´m still learning this difficult track, way to slow into both Dunlop Curves and Michelin Chicane. Must try too keep the speed thru the turns and accelerate sooner w/o spinning out. Got the top speed ok 208-209 Mph (334-336 Km/h) on Mulsanne. The climb into Porsche is fast 195 Mph(313 Km/h) and trying to stay above 135 Mph(217 Km/h) until I can accelerate out of Karting. Up to 183 Mph(295 Km/h) until braking for Ford Chicanes. Still haven´t figured out how fast I can go there? 85-90 Mph (136-145 Km/h)? Anyway, I got plenty of time after the exam on Monday 31th for practise.

Later this Sunday it´s time for some Race Start Practises, hope they are better this time. Last time was a total mess, got rearended by the same car TWICE. Hope people can understand that this is not a 6 hour short race but a loooong 24 Hour race. So there is no point in racing for the flag at the first turns.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yesterdays night practise.

Hmm, not so good tonite. Having trouble keeping the damn car on the black stuff.
Tired I supposed. I´m studying for my Netowork+ exams on Monday so that could be the cause.
Running 3.43 at the best but still avg below 3.50. I´m really waiting for tomorrow so that I can go online and practise "live".

Friday, October 28, 2005

Good looking cars...

Just wanted anyone that reads this to have a look at the cars...
No, no pitbabes :-)

We will have access to the server 24/7 from sunday 7pm CET, good. I´m getting bored with driving offline all the time. My concentration just don´t last as long as it should when I´m not online. Practise online is the way to go.


Ok, first attempt at blogging :-)

Ok, this is my first attemp to Blog parts of my life. This particular part has taken over my life recently, annoying wife and kids :-).
Whats the part? Racing for 24 hours on LeMans. I know many of you will think I lost my marbles (Is this guy for real?), but stay with me for a while. Ok, here´s the deal:

150+ People, 40 Cars and 27 Teams make up the Virtual Le´Mans 24H Race.

Driving what? GTP-mod cortesy of Redline. Think about it for a while, 150 mad simracers racing on a classic circuit for 24 hours, sweet! I´m going to report most of what will happend up to the race and then maybe report stuff during the race if I´m not to tired.

Atm, my time around Sarthe isn´t that great, only 3 mins 40,5 secs. Have to keep practising to get down to 3.35 at least.